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Internal Committee for Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace

Name Email Phone Number
Dr Monika Parmar(Professor) 70181-56745
Dr Shalini (PHD Psychology) Shaliniddhadwa 94184- 58460
Dr Shruti Sambyal (Assistant Professor, Oral Medicine and Diagnostic Radiology) drshrutisambyal 86269- 90280
Dr Arun Singh Thakur (Professor, Public Health Dentistry) drathakur1983 82195- 49618
Dr Sonak Sharma (MO Dental) docsonaksharm 70189- 69320
Mrs Sushma Chandel (Dental Hygienist) sushmachandel m 94189- 81109
Mrs. Deepika Chauhan (Staff Nurse) myrachauhan6 86289- 81801