Dr. Anshu Minocha (Professor)

Designation: Professor, Department of Conservative Dentistry & Endodontic

Articles Published

  1. Radix entomolaris: An Endodontic Challenge; Dental Journal of Advanced Studies, Vol 1 Issue: January-April 2013, Page 58-60.A.Gupta,S.Thakur,V.Sharma,A.Minocha ,B.P.Singh
  2. An unusual case of Gemination, Supernumerary tooth and Talon cusp: Indian Journal of Dental Sciences.   September 2011 Issue: 3, Vol.:3, Page 30-33. A.Gupta,V.Sharma,A.Minocha
  3. Dens Invaginatus: A case Report; Endodontology, June 2011, Vol 23 Issue 1, Page 94-97. .A.Gupta,V.Sharma,A.Minocha
  4. Management of Cracked Teeth: A case report: Endodontology, June 2007, Vol 19, Issue 1, Page 39-44.N Mittal,V.Sharma,A.Minocha
  5. Management of Retained Deciduous Teeth - A Case Report: U.P. State I.D.A. Journal, 2005, Vol 23, No. 3, Page 19-21.N.Mittal,A.Minocha
  6. Resistance to Vertical Root Fracture of Endodontically Treated Teeth with AH Plus, Endorez and Metaseal Authors : Khushboo Khan, Ashu. K. Gupta, Anshu Minocha 2014.
  7. Comparative Evaluation Of Working Length using Radiovisiography and Conventional  Radiography Universuty Journal of Dental Sciences, 2 0 1 5 ; N o . 1 , V o l . 3 Anshu Minocha, Vishal Sharma, Abhinav Misra 2016.
  8. Comparative Evaluation of Immediate Bond Strength to Bleached Enamel Following Application of Various Antioxidant Solutions
    A Dhingra, AK Gupta, A Minocha… - Dental Journal of  advanced sciences 2017
  9. Clinica- radiological findings in cleidocranial dysplasia-A report in mother and daughter.
    N Sharma, A Minocha - amu.ac.in 2016
  10. Management of geminated teeth.
    Dr. Vishal Sharma Dr.Anshu Minocha Dr.Ashu Gupta Dr.Neeta Sharma amu.ac.in 2016
  11. Comparison of Dentinal Cracks after Root Canal Preparation with Hand Files and Protaper NEXT, HYFLEX EDM, K3 XF and Twisted Rotary Files
    J Cheema, AK Gupta, A Minocha - Journal of Advanced Medical and dental research 2018.

Courses :
Certified course on “ Health research fundamental” by ICMR NIE with (gold + elite) October 2018.